Animal Nutrition & Biotechnologies

Research directions

  • Solutions for the efficient use of the feeding potential of new and/or less known sources of feeds
  • Relation between nutrition-metabolism and animal health
  • Solutions to alleviate the effects of anti-nutritional factors from the plant ingredients
  • Improving the quality of animal products (milk, meat) )

Products - Patents

Motto: sometimes, simple things can get unexpected valences (Mihaela Habeanu)

Both patents help the farmers by the simple, eco-efficient solutions relying on the use to functional oils, with deep implications

  • Compound feed for pigs , Flax oil
Authors : Hăbeanu Mihaela, Veronica Hebean, Nicoleta Lefter
- We give arguments and feeding solutions which to promote the endangered Mangalita pig breed, with the purpose to promote and preserve the biodiversity by eco-efficiency as paradigm, key element for sustainable development. This is a feed product using ecologic flax oil which is also used in human nutrition

Authors : Mihaela Hăbeanu, Nicoleta Lefter, Taranu Ionelia.
- A simple product, a concentrate using a low-cost ecologic ingredient (camelina), used to produce kerosene, whose by-products can be used in animal feeding. The implications are unexpected.


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PhD. eng. Georgeta CIURESCU

SR I, Head of Laboratory Deputy 
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Physiology of Animal Nutrition