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Recent developments in genomics and current applications
By Associate Professor Dr Raluca Mateescu

This course provides an examination of principles of livestock inheritance, QTL mapping strategies and functional genomic approaches used for genomic selection and improvement programs in livestock animals.

Day 1 Overview of animal breeding and role of QTL - Conventional prediction using pedigree relationships

Day 2 Mapping, Fine Mapping, and Molecular Dissection of Quantitative Trait Loci - Linkage Disequilibrium, Genetic relationships, Linkage

Day 3 Basics of Marker Assisted Selection, direct and indirect markers, Incorporating genomic information in response predictions

Dr Raluca Mateescu is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Genetics & Genomics in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida. Her areas of professional interests are: identification of genetic markers associated with economically important traits in beef cattle. Special interest is given to development of genetic tools to improve nutritional and health value of beef and understanding the genetic mechanism of thermotolerance in Bos indicus influenced beef cattle. The molecular information generated through this research could lead to identification of molecular DNA markers to be incorporated into breeding decisions.

Dr Raluca Mateescu is graduate of the Bucharest University, Faculty of Biology. She has a M.S and a Ph.D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Cornell University N.Y. As of 2014, she is teaching Quantitative Genetics & Genomics as Associate Professor at the University of Florida.

For further information on the activity of Associate Professor Dr Raluca Mateescu, please visit: http://animal.ifas.ufl.edu/faculty/mateescu/index.shtml